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Dance & Technique

Training for dancers who are just beginning their journey to professionals looking to prolong their career and performance life

Let me help you hone in on your craft! These sessions are great if you are looking to work in a particular style of dance and create strength and freedom your body and movement. 

Have a specific move or peak pose you are trying to achieve or just want to have a better understanding of your foundation? 

These sessions can also be used to focus on choreography retention, body mapping, working on spacial awareness and so much more. 

Let me help you learn the ropes as a dance students or refine your skills a pre and professional performer. 

Performance Training and Choreography availabe as well! 

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Breath Work & Pain Free Movement

Coaching to help you breathe and move better!

My own journey of injury and high demands on my body lead me to the amazing world of breath work. It goes far beyond the mindful meditation aspect.  This training focuses on how your body holds tension, how you can use your breath to release that tension and how your breath can become your partner in your movement. 

My focus in this training is to give you the tools to build a better relationship with your body as a whole so you can learn how to move without pain, and without tension. This is great for anyone who feels like they are being held back physically but can't figure out why, or for anyone who has had a nagging pain or discomfort they can't seem to get rid of. 

Let me help you create a partnership with your body, mind & breath. 

Modern Dancer
Female Dancer

Mobility & Movement

Increase your strength and control of your movements! Move safely and confidently! 

I like to describe mobility as your control over your flexibility. But it's so much more than that. Everyone should feel confident in their bodies ability to support them through any activity or movement that they ask of it! 

Focusing on Mobility a couple of times a week will help you to move better in your day to day activities and in your workouts.


 The idea is being able to control your range of motion, your muscles & joints and really own your movement. For athletes, artist athletes and anyone who wants to have a better understanding of their body and see what it's capable of! 

Cross Training & Conditioning

Training for anyone looking to increase their strength, cardio and achieve their goals. 

Conditioning is focused on maintaining and promoting full body strength and functionality! Weight training, calisthenics, flexibility all work together to help you stay active and keep your muscles, joints and everything else strong and healthy.

Cross Training is specially geared to helping you increase your performance in your desired sport. Cross training is great for all athletes and artist athletes. Being constantly challenged and switching up our workouts promotes faster recover, injury prevention and can develop more agile bodies! 

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Weight Lifter
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