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Leaving Your Dance Studio Part 3

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

"Do's" & "Don'ts" When leaving a Dance Studio

So, you have decided to transition to another studio, here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help maintain a good relationship with everyone involved.

Check out Part 1 & 2 of this blog for some things to consider before leaving!

Do: Talk to your current studio owner & teachers. If you have already gone through the journey of asking for their guidance in excelling your skills and you have now come to a place where you feel you need new challenges, there is a good chance they will support you. As dance teachers, we want you to succeed! Sometimes that means we have to pass you off to others to help you continue to grow.

Don’t: Talk to other parents in the studio about your thoughts or your child’s thoughts on leaving. Dancers, don’t talk to your peers about leaving. Asking for other people’s opinions within the studio can cause negative waves. Your decision to make this change is solely for the benefit if your child’s journey, there is no need to rope others in.

Do: Say “thank you” to your teachers and the staff at the studio. They have helped get you where you are and made an investment in you. Parents help your child transition to another studio by reflecting and showing gratitude for the positive impact their current studio has had on them. Leaving with any negativity will put a bad memory on a place that most likely help many positive and wonderful experiences and relationships for them.

Don’t: Speak negatively about the studio or faculty that you are leaving. The studio owner world is small; there is a good chance that the owner of your new studio knows the owner or teachers of the studio you are coming from. Many owners reach out to each other and ask about the new students and their parents. Don’t let a negative reputation proceed you before you child’s new dance journey even begins.

Do: Follow thru on your commitments and promises. If possible, finish out the season. It’s likely that your child leaving will cause changes in the classroom that can be stressful for teachers and other students. Allow them to finish the season before making a change. Competition dancers, this is HUGE. Parents close up any open payments! Don’t leave the studio hanging on money owed.

Don’t: Leave before a performance, competition or event that you have already been choreographed in to. The other dancers on your team, company or in the ensemble are counting on you to follow through with the commitment you made. It’s a poor lesson to teach your kids by leaving early and it’s unfair to everyone else involved.

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